Tuesday, September 27, 2011

San Jose Mercury News : Hot Rods to Hybrids car show.

The other day turning pages of the newspaper, I came across the Mr. Roadshow section which had an add "Hot Rods to Hybrids car show". It was held at San Jose Mercury News Headquarters so I decided to head out there and finally drive my Z after a month or so. I did not have an amazing camera on me but I captured a few photos from my Iphone. Hope you enjoy!  (Apologies for not so perfect pictures) 

Mercedes Benz 300 SL (1954-1957) - Only 1400 Built. This was first time in my life seeing this vehicle in person and it was more than just amazing. 
Those door's and that classy looks just took me away by surprise, I had no idea that I would have come across an amazing car like this here in San Jose.
This is an In-Line 6 producing 215 Horsepower 170 Ft/lb Torque and the top speed on this car was 162 Mph depending on the axle ratio.
Another car that took my by surprise, was this Jaguar Mark VII (1951-1956) only 30,969 produced. Just look at that shine and originality in this magnificent vintage luxury vehicle. Who ever owns this car has very well maintained it. I am definitely very lucky to come across this rare and see it in person.
 It is operated by an L6 engine producing 160 - 190 Bhp. Fine example of British motor industry.
What's a car show without a classic 1st Gen Corvette Stingray. This car was very well maintained and one of the cars I would like to own in my lifetime.
 This amazing Corvette Stingray was hanging out of sight in the rear parking lot. What a beauty this car is, I definitely have to show my buddy Raul this picture since he also a beautiful 1973 Corvette Stingray.
There were many Shelby Cobra's but I am not very much of an expert telling which one was a replica or real. I am pretty sure these two were original Cobras and pristine condition. Thanks to these guys since they started these cars for us and it made my car sound look like a dying cat..
I am tuning out on you all with this last picture of this beautiful red Cobra. I hope you guys enjoyed these few cars and facts. Thank you for looking and tune in again for more news.

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