Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Hibernation

So the S30 has not been driven in a while (a month or so) due to transmission problems (throw out bearing going out) and also a few things here n there. Lately I've been just daily driving the Civic, but it's not my car so I am planning on purchasing a Rb20det (Nissan Skyline R32 engine). Many have asked why? well the reason behind this is that this motor is relatively a good bang for the buck and all I could afford for now. One of my good friend is also running this motor and is producing a decent amount of power though there are some engine issues but doesn't every motor? So keep tuning in for more updates and the install on this swap.
 Took it out this weekend, with Mohit @ San Jose Mercury News car show (stay tuned for pics).
 This is the motor (RB20det from R32)
Recent pictures of the car taken @ Aisha Garage, where I just got the Bride Zeta 2 seat.


  1. Awesome..Just speechless. You are amazing S. Keep up the good job. Loved your blog. Pictures are out of this world. :)